Welcome to Code Two Gaming!

Hello, & as the title says, welcome to Code Two Gaming!

If you are planning on joining our community, here’s a brief explanation of how things will go. First, you will have joined our Discord, become whitelisted to RP as a civilian on our Public FiveM Server (following the instructions given through a DM from Dyno Bot), & on your own time, submitted an application to either our LEO Dept. (Law Enforcement), Communications (out of game dispatch role), Fire Dept. or Civilian Dept. by using the relevant application forms. Once an application is received a member of our Recruitment Team will review it to ensure it contains complete & thoughtful answers & that all basic requirements are met. In order to meet the goal of offering a serious & professional role-play community, the minimum age requirement is 16 years of age at the time of applying. Once an application is reviewed, an interview will be setup with a Recruitment member on our TeamSpeak server. After the interview is completed, the applicant will either be denied or accepted.

If approved for any in-game role (LEO, Fire, Civilian) you will be given Recruit status within the community. At this point you are expected to download any & all required files & begin reviewing all vital information on our site. Once a training session is scheduled, sign up & see if you have what it takes to become a Law Enforcement Officer or Emergency Services member. For those candidates that are successful in our academy, you will be progressed onto the Probationary stage of your role with Code Two Gaming & will be assigned to your departments Field Training section where you will be allowed to patrol in games while still being supervised & mentored. You will be under the close watch of senior members & staff while playing to help ensure you have all the tools & information required to be successful here at Code Two Gaming. After your field training stage, you will progress through the ranks gaining access to more vehicles & in game subdivisions to allow you to expand and extend your role-play. Depending on your department, there are many special certifications and leadership opportunities that present themselves and give you much room to grow within the community.

For those who choose the civilian life, you will follow a similar path of those in with the Public Safety agencies. You will have opportunities to have jobs, start businesses and live your life as you see fit. Whether you choose to commit crimes or make money and live a peaceful life, your time here at Code Two Gaming is sure to be fun & interactive.

We hope this answers some of your questions & heightens your interest a bit more! We wish you the best of luck with your online career or life here with us at Code Two Gaming! Any further questions can be directed to our Recruitment Dept. at recruitment ( at ) gta-epsclan.ca or on our Discord in the #questions-for-recruitment channel.



Paul H.

Community Owner


Applications Homepage

-> You must be in our Discord in order to submit an application

P.S. To answer the question you likely have, regarding our web address/ domain name (gta-epsclan.ca), we started out role-playing in Grand Theft Auto IV as the Edmonton Police Service in Alberta, Canada (GTA IV EPS Clan) hence the domain name. At this point in time, the domain name will be kept as-is to continue showing our support for the Edmonton Police Service & all Law Enforcement agencies in everything that they do, in our own way. This will possibly be re-evaluated in the future if needed.