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I can't send PMs! I just joined Article not rated yet
If you just joined, and you can't send PMs, that means you haven't posted 3 or more appropriate posts in the Forum. Please be active, to receive PM Privileges. If you have more than 3 posts, and can'...
Post needs to be approved by a Moderator? Article not rated yet
This message means, you have been placed on the Moderation Queuefor repeatedly breaching our Forum Rules and/or Acceptable Upload Policy. If you are on the Moderation Queue, you will receive a PM, say...
I thought we can edit our posts, whenever we like? Article not rated yet
This is not true. The board is set to allow only 15 mins of editing time after posting, for all Registered Users. Moderators, Staff Members, Admins, etc. are able to Edit a post whenever they like.

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