How do I connect to a specific channel everytime?

By default, the Welcome (No Voice Waiting Area) is the default/ home channel for our TeamSpeak server, and that any bookmark, or server you connect to, you will automatically connect to the Welcome Area/ Default Channel of that server, if you're a Guest.

However, even if you'e not a Guest on a Server, if you haven't set it up, you will still connect to the Default Channel 

To set up TeamSpeak to connect to a specific channel (Ex: General Chat Area) follow these steps:


1. Connect to the Server you want to set it up on

2. Switch to the Channel you want to connect to everytime

3. Click Bookmarks

4. Click Manage Bookmarks (Ctrl + B)

5. Click the bookmark you want to set it up on

6. Click More in the bottom left

7. Underneath Phonetic Nickname click Default Channel 

8. Click the Refresh arrows on the right of the Default Channel box. (Typing in the Channel Name does NOT work)

9. Enter the channel password *

10. The channel you're in should now be there, with its parent listed first (Ex: Welcome (No Voice Waiting Area)/ General Chat Area)

11. Click Apply

12. Click OK

* If the channel is password protected, and you do not have permissions to ignore the password, you must enter the channel password in the Channel Password field below the Default Channel field.

Congratulations! You've just set the default channel (for you) to connect to everytime


Notice: If your TeamSpeak crashes, and/ or is uninstalled and deletes all info, you will need to perform these steps again

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