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How do I find my Chat Logs?


In certain circumstances with a TeamSpeak Ban your chat logs, may be asked for.

To log your private chats, open up TeamSpeak, and go to Options (Alt + P) -> Chat and check the Log private chats box.

Specifically your Private Chat Logs, if this ban resulted in a conflict with another user over private text chat.

Your logs are stored here C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client\config\chats or 

To find the most recent date, click "Date" at the top, or right click anywhere (not on a folder) and click Sort by and then Date Modified and the Most Recent folders with the logs, will appear at the top.

Please attach the appropriate text file in a reply to your TeamSpeak Ban support ticket.

Before attaching the log file, be sure it contains the appropriate chat, with the correct individual involved.


If all else fails, just Copy & Paste the whole chat, directly from TeamSpeak, by doing this:

1. Right click

2. Click Select All 

3. Right click again

4. Click Copy

5. Open up Notepad

6. Right click

7. Click Paste (Or Ctrl + V)

8. Save the .txt file as [TS Nickname - Chatlog] Date here 


Here's an example of saving the text file:

[TeamSpeak User - Chatlog]  Feb. 28/2014

You must save the text file in that format

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