How do I find my Unique ID?

So you want to find out your TeamSpeak Unique ID?

Follow this article, and you shouldn't have any trouble finding it!


- Open up TeamSpeak3

- Connect to the EPS TeamSpeak Server (

- Click Bookmarks

- Click Manage Bookmarks

- Click the EPS TeamSpeak Bookmark

- Click More underneath Nickname in the Bookmark Manager

- Look for "Identity" and see what it says

- Close Bookmark Manager

Go to Settings, then click Identities (Alternatively you can press Ctrl + I)

- Click the identity name you found 3 steps ago

- Right click Unique ID box.

- Click Select All

- Right click again, and click Copy

- To paste it, either right click and click Paste, or press Ctrl + V


Congratulations! You have just found your Unique ID, that you use on any TeamSpeak Server you connect to. (Unless you've created a separate Identity for each server you connect to)