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This page's main role is to list Forum Staff members only.
If a user is Forum Staff he or she will have a rank image for their rank.
A brief detailed description of each member's role on the forum can be found HERE


  • Knight Rider - Site Administrator
  • Raven - Code Two Gaming Administrator
  • BoMcD - Code Two Gaming Manager
  • KnightSky - Code Two Gaming Manager
  • Matticus - TeamSpeak Host
  • Michael Knight - Development Team Leader
  • Giorgios - MOD Team Leader
  • April Curtis - User Operations
  • Vincent - Moderator Team Leader
  • Mike Traceur - Support Team Leader
  • Michael Pajaro - Tech Team Leader
  • Sinom - Website Team Leader


  • Acer - Development Team Member
  • Collin - Development Team Member
  • Alex - MOD Team Member
  • David - Moderator Team Member
  • Sarah Graiman - Support Team Member
  • Neps - Tech Team Member
  • Agent723 - Website Team Member

These items subject to change without notice
Last updated May 3/2014