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Help Center

Welcome to Code Two Gaming's Help Page!

Help! I've been banned!

If you've been banned, that means you must have repeatedly breached our Forum Rules and/or Acceptable Upload Policy.
Don't worry, if this is your First Ban, for this, it should only last 1-6 hours, and expire on its own. Only email us, if your ban is longer than one month. Any ban under and including one month, will expire on its own. If it's longer than one month, there is a reason for it. Only contact us in the case of longer than one month bans.
Please keep in mind, we can only look into ban appeals 6 months after the ban happened.

I've been banned, but didn't do anything!!

If you've been banned, but you clearly remember, not doing anything, then someone else using your account, or using a computer with the same IP Address, has been banned. In this case, we can't assist you with that, and you will have to wait for the Ban to Expire on its own.

My previous ban was shorter than my current one

This means you must have done the same thing that caused you to get banned, the first time, and the ban length was extended because, it's the same offense as previous ban.
Ban lengths on EPS, can vary in length from 30 minutes to any date a Staff Member, deems appropriate for the offense.
Main factors taken into considering when implementing a ban are, the severity of the issue, and how many times in the past you've been banned for the same thing.
Only exception to this, is if you have received 3 warnings and then been banned.
That is automatic, and is implemented by a MOD, when 3 warnings are received. If you receive 3 warnings, you are automatically banned/suspended for 3 days (4320 minutes)

I can't send PMs! I just joined

If you just joined, and you can't send PMs, that means you haven't posted 3 or more appropriate posts in the Forum. Please be active, to receive PM Privileges.
If you have more than 3 posts, and can't send PMs, you must have lost PM Privileges, for sending to many unwanted and/or Spam PMs, to other Members.
If this happens, you will receive a PM, outlining the reason why, your PM Privileges are gone, and for how long.

Post needs to be approved by a Moderator?

This message means, you have been placed on the Moderation Queue for repeatedly breaching our Forum Rules and/or Acceptable Upload Policy. If you are on the Moderation Queue, you will receive a PM, saying that you're on the queue, but it will not say how long you'll be on it for.
If you keep trying to post content that breaches our Forum Rules and/or Acceptable Upload Policy, while on the Queue, the duration will be extended.
If you Edit one of your Posts, the changes will also need to be approved by a Moderator.

I thought we can edit our posts, whenever we like?

This is not true. This board is set to allow only 15 mins of editing time after posting, for all Registered Users. Moderators, Staff Members, Admins, etc. are able to Edit a post whenever they like.

Help! I forgot my password!

We can't retrieve your password for you but you can reset it, by using the Forgot Password? link on the login page, and entering the required info.

What procedures are there for Staff in certain situations?

We're sorry, but we can not provide you with that Info, unless you are a Staff Member of EPS. This is also for privacy reasons, and security reasons.

My friend's Code Two Gaming Site account is banned

We only discuss such Issues, with the Account Owner. Please let your friend know, to Contact Us HERE and select the Wrongly Suspended/Banned option from the dropdown menu. Once this Issue, has been investigated you will receive an email from: Respond to this email, with appropriate information. Remember not to bluff or lie, as we can view exactly what happened, and what you posted that got you banned. If you bluff or lie, we won't lift the ban from your account, and may extend the ban if the current ban is not Permanent

My Friends Code Two Gaming Account is Disabled

We only discuss such Issues, with the Account Owner. Please let your friend know, to view the Link, in the message they receive when trying to login, and contact us at the Email Address, on that page. Keep in mind during weekdays, wait times for a reply to your email may longer, than during a weekend. Do NOT send us another email, as it will just extend your wait time.

These items are subject to change at anytime, without notice
Last updated Sunday, Oct. 6/2019