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Support Team

The Support Team's primary objective is to provide support for phpBB, and CTG Users via the appropriate Support Forum. Support Team Member candidates must show an excellent understanding of the phpBB software and a desire to help. Potential Team members are selected by the Support Team based on their exceptional knowledge of phpBB, history of providing clear, concise, and accurate advice, and general activity level on EPS, in all forums and discussions, particularly in the Support Forums.

Users who are interested in assisting the Support Team, please PM Mike Traceur (Support Team Leader).
If your interest/ request to join the Support Team was declined, please continue posting in the forums, and let the Team Leader contact you about becoming a Support Team Member.

Website Team

Website Team Info currently unavailable.

Moderator Team

The Moderator Team Members at Code Two are part Ambassador, part Peace Officer. They keep the forums running smoothly by directing questions to appropriate locations, approving posts, and answering basic support questions. Moderators perform all basic moderation tasks within all forums, but leave the other teams to enforce rules specific to their respective forums. They also ensure members are adhering to site wide rules, and they will be the ones to contact you should you need a reminder about the rules. Moderator team members will accept Private Messages regarding rules or how to use this site itself, but regret that they cannot answer support questions privately.

You can help the Moderator Team by using the Report function in posts to alert them of posts or other members that may need attention. Potential Moderator candidates, when needed, are selected by the Moderator Team from community members demonstrating exceptional knowledge of site rules, and a positive attitude toward other members.


Think you can help us with something not listed here or specific to the individual teams?
Please contact a Management Team Member.

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